You Have Residual Bills, Why Not Residual Income?

Step 1: Fall in love with the products

Many of us were looking for a way to take care of our family's needs and improve our own well-being. We found we loved the integrity of Young Living and the products worked so well, we couldn't help but share!

Young Living Essential Oils

Step 2: Essential Rewards

Save money and use cleaner, safer products in your home. By replacing products you used to buy with better for you products from YL you can save time, money and grow an income! Our Essential Rewards program is as easy as that.  

Grow a business by helping others see the value of Natural Remedies & Chemical free Homes. Find PURPOSE in helping others.

Young Living Essential Oils

Step 3: S.E.T. for Success!

Work within your strengths and remember these 3 S.E.T. steps:

  1. Start new members with a Premium Starter Kit.

  2. Essential Rewards—Follow-up with the member to make sure their questions are answered and they know how to log in and use Essential Rewards to save money.

  3. Teach new member to share by duplicating these same steps.

Young Living Essential Oils Kit

Don’t be an Expert

You don't have to be an expert, just be you and share what you love.  If you love Ningxia Red or fitness, share that!  If you are passionate about beauty... We have products for that too! Toxic free home? Yup, we have stuff for that! Figure out your message and run with it!

If you're great at social media, be a pro at that. If you are the kind of person who walks down the street and talks to everyone, share YL that way. Love hosting?  Social butterfly? Trade-shows? Blogger?

There is no "one way" to share. As long as the 3 basic steps are happening, the way it happens is up to you.

Young Living Essential Oils Kit

It's as easy as sharing

Building a successful business with Young Living is as easy as falling in love with the products and sharing with people. We get paid when we help others set up their own free wholesale ordering accounts and teach them how to use our products and feel better! Wellness, Purpose and Abundance. Our most successful members are passionate and love helping people.  

Let us leave you with this Income Disclaimer:

Young Living Essential Oils Kit

Choose the monthly income you want to work towards and then get in touch with us. The team you are on will help determine your success. We get messages daily from people who want more training and wish they were on our team. Choose wisely. You are looking for a coaching team that's moving fast, committed to your success, training and education. We are that team, join us.


Freedom Team

Share these products with your Community

When I decided to work from home I knew I had to find a company with the highest integrity. I wanted a company with years of experience. I wanted a GLOBAL COMPANY so I wasn't locked into just my town.

Freedom Team Young Living Essential Oils

Freedom Team Young Living Essential Oils

Let’s take an EYES WIDE OPEN look at the opportunity...

  • Help others lead a more natural, healthy lifestyle

  • Low-cost investment 

  • Be your own boss

  • No employees


  • No inventory

  • No shipping

  • No pressure to make quotas or sales

  • Earn a residual income

  • Ideal for stay-at-home parents & grand parents

  • Ideal for retirees 

  • Work with the people you want to

  • Qualify for company retreats and travel opportunities

  • Professional development

  • Work at your own pace

  • Set your own hours

  • Tax write-offs

How does that sound? Amazing, right? 

Did you know that Statistics show:

  • 1 in 3 Canadians can't cover monthly payments.

  • 48% are within $200 of not being able to cover their monthly obligations.

  • 55% feel they won't be debt free by retirement.

  • Average Canadian has $631 left after bills and debt obligations.

This is not a fun way to live.

Maybe you already earn a great income but you are TIME poor. Maybe you feel no passion, no purpose in your life? THERE IS A BETTER WAY

Let's look at the reasons to choose Young Living.


Young Living is Your Business Partner

The World Leader in Essentials & Oil Infused Products

It is INCREDIBLE to work with a company that is the best in the world. We are a 1.5 BILLION dollar company doing business all over the world. Our one hundred percent pure essentials are the world's highest quality essentials. We have been growing, cultivating & distilling on our own farms and partner farms since 1994, diligently overseeing every step of the process.  

We are the original, no other essential oil company on the planet can lay claim to having the same high-quality process. These products make our mama hearts happy. We no longer need to read labels like detectives.

Young Living takes care of everything so all I have to do is focus on sharing my love of the products and helping people set up their own wholesale account. They take payment, ship the products and offer an incredible customer support team to help all of us.

Young Living Essential Oils

These Products Are a Need Not a Want 

The World Leader in Essentials & Oil Infused Products

Residual Income 

There are so many companies you could choose to align with. What you're looking for is a company with products people actually NEED... like toothpaste, cleaners, makeup, oils for sleep, cough & cold and emotional support. 

You are looking for a product line that people NEED to re-order every month. This will create you RESIDUAL INCOME. Income that comes in every single month.

Chemical Free Home with Young Living Essential Oils

Chemical Free Home with Young Living Essential Oils


No Experience Necessary 

We Succeed if you Succeed

We have training in place right now. You don't need any prior experience in sharing, we will teach you everything you need to know. You won't be left alone, we have a whole team waiting to cheer you on!

Our priority one is your success and making it super simple for you to get up and running fast. In fact, it's why we created this class, for our YL Freedom Team family! Now you have something you can share right away while you're still learning.

All you need is a positive, coach-able attitude and some time to learn.

Young Living Essential Oils Kit

Unlimited Earning Potential 

SkY’s the Limit

One of our favourite things to show people is our company average monthly income by rank.  This is what’s possible...

Rank Average MONTHLY Income:

  • Star - $75

  • Senior Star - $235

  • Executive - $502

  • Silver - $2,088

  • Gold - $5,666

  • Platinum - $13,872

  • Diamond - $35,348

  • Crown Diamond - $64,477

  • Royal Crown Diamond - $144, 451

Average monthly incomes. Wow.  

Young Living Essential Oils

Isn’t it amazing to see what’s possible? What could you do with an extra $235.00 a month? Or how about an extra $2,088.00 a month? It can be done. It has been done. Over and over again since 1994. It's been done thousands and thousands of times by people just like you.

One of our Freedom Team Leaders - Karen Graf went from Distributor to Platinum in 18 months earning over $12 000.00 a month and retiring her husband. She loves having him home to help with 4 kids!


Low Start Up Cost

$199.75 is all it costs to start

There are no other start up costs. Get your Premium Starter Kit and you're ready to start sharing.

Your kit of oils and access to our free member only training, education and support is all you need to start earning immediately. 

Young Living Essential Oils Kit

Choose Your Hours & Who You Work With

Work when You want to

Weave it through your life, respond to a text or send a class via facebook messenger or email while you're waiting for the kids, or at the soccer field, at your gym or work place.  When YL is a part of your life and you're using the products, its super easy to share and start creating a part time income in your spare moments.    

Working with the people you choose is priceless and makes it so much more fun.

Connect any time of the day or night that works for you, which is awesome for those of us juggling kids and all our other obligations. 

Young Living Essential Oils

 Tax Advantages

There are bonuses to being Self-Employed

The tax benefits of operating a home office are seriously huge. If your situation qualifies, you can deduct a portion of your home expenses, mortgage interest, property taxes, utilities, repairs and maintenance, products, office supplies, phone etc... 

Please chat with your accountant.

Young Living Essential Oils

Residual & Will-able 

Income that Keeps on Giving

Feel good knowing that if anything ever happened to you, your family would be cared for. You can leave your business to your kids, or anyone you want. The work you do today... the income you create will leave behind a legacy!

Residual income with Young Living

Travel Opportunities

Where do you want to Visit

Earn free trips to our farms and learn first hand the Seed to Seal distillation process. Connect with members all over the world.

Silver Retreat—3 months in a row at Silver rank and YL will fly you, all expenses paid to experience the Mona Utah farm & Distillery outside of Salt Lake City, Utah.

Gold Retreat—3 months in a row at Gold rank and YL will fly you, all expenses paid to experience the Idaho Flats farm in Idaho.

Platinum Retreat—Ecuador farm.

Diamond Retreat—Held at a different location every year! 

There are also contest trips and incentives year round!!

Travel Bonuses with Young Living

Multiple Streams of Income

Over 600 products  

Products every family needs for every room of their home

  • Essential Oils

  • Personal Care Products

  • Thieves Household Cleaning

  • Animals

  • Babies & Kids

  • Savvy Mineral Makeup

  • Supplements

Can you see the Opportunity? 

Every. Single. Home needs these products and we need more people like YOU, passionate about Health and Wellness to join with us and share.

Earn more money with Young Living

Greater Health & Wellness

Over 600 products

Health Canada Natural Health Products

Truly the Health Advantages are the most exciting reason to join Young Living. Do a quick google search on Essential Oils, you’ll be blown away at the science and study that is happening on the POWER of natural remedies. It’s truly amazing and ground breaking. Man’s first medicine is proving to be a very real solution to many issues. 

Health and Wellness Young Living

With Health Canada registered Natural Health Products we are positioned perfectly. Consumers can trust that our products are second to none.  

You will have access to incredible products, delivered to your door at 24% off.  

You can become a member just for the wholesale membership discount for your family or you can choose to share with a few or a thousand. It’s always your decision and we will support you.