Registered with Health Canada

Natural Health Products Claims

Our essential oils have helped so many people! They are registered by Health Canada as Natural Health Products (NHPs). That means even Health Canada recognizes these essentials, both oils and supplements can help you with everyday health issues. Each of Young Living’s NHPs have been "reviewed by Health Canada, who determined that sufficient scientific evidence exists to substantiate that these oils can help restore, maintain, or improve health." 

Health Canada Natural Health Products (NHPs)

They can help:

  • reduce the symptoms of cold & coughs.

  • relieve joint or muscle pain associated with sprains, strains & rheumatoid arthritis.

  • relieve minor skin irritations, cuts, bruises & burns.

  • when experiencing digestive discomfort can act as a calmative and antispasmodic.

  • help reduce the symptoms of acne or boils.

  • to experience relief from eczema and dermatitis.

  • can act as a nervine and calmative which enhances relaxation.

  • relieve headaches.

And So Much More!


Non GMO Verified

Our company is literally the BEST! Nothing else compares to our processes and our product quality.

We’re proud to move forward with our Seed to Seal story and announce that all Young Living Plus essential oils are now Non-GMO Project Verified! Together, Young Living and the Non-GMO Project are pledging to members across the globe that our bottles of Plus oils meet the highest standard for GMO avoidance.

To receive this certification, all Plus oils passed through third-party verification, auditing, and testing. The US also received Non-GMO Project Verified certification on all their oils from the Vitality line. This distinction is yet another example of our Seed to Seal® quality commitment.