About Essential Rewards


All you need to know about ER explained in this video.


What are Reward Points?

Young Living’s Essential Rewards Program is a flexible, risk-free loyalty program that gives you access to incredible extras such as: 

  • Earn ER Points to spend like cash.  10–25% back.

  • Be rewarded with loyalty gifts each quarter for the first year.

  • Earn a free DewDrop diffuser after three consecutive months of using the program, and an AromaLux Diffuser at nine consecutive months.

  • Access exclusive income opportunities.

  • Order 100+ PV,  190+ PV, 250 PV, 300 PV or 400 PV each month and our exclusive ER Bonus products are yours free too!

Essential Rewards is an order processed monthly on the same day of each month and you can change this date each month, if you so desire.

For example, if you place your very first order on January 1, all your future monthly orders will be processed on the first day of each month, unless you select to change to a different date, which can be done each month. No problem.

Essential Rewards has its benefits

How Does It Work?

The best way for you to get the most out of your Young Living membership is with Young Living’s Essential Rewards Program. In today’s busy world, we need all the help we can get. Young Living sells many products that you can use on a daily basis in all the rooms of your home. These include Young Living’s Natural Health Remedies, Supplements, Household cleaning products, Make-up and Personal care items; in other words, things you're already buying. 

Essential Rewards Program eliminates the need to buy inferior quality and chemical laden supermarket goods as well as eliminating harsh chemicals from your life, all while saving you valuable time and money. Product is delivered to your door and you earn points back and freebies!

How many times per month can I order through the ER Program?

Canadians can order once per calendar month and receive the 10–25% back. They can also order:

  • 1 USA ER order.

  • 1 USA ER drop ship order.

Occasionally if new products are released we are allowed a second Essential Rewards order.

You can order QUICK order for any last minute products you run out of but you will not get the 10–25% back.

How much do I need to spend?

Remember, you are TRANSFER Buying products you need from one store, to your YL Store, you shouldn't be spending more.

Essential Rewards Program orders require a minimum monthly spend of 50 PV. Each product in Young Living’s price list has an assigned PV (Personal Volume) value. You can order nearly anything you like as long as the total PV is at least 50.

And as an added bonus, every month you will earn reward points, which you can redeem for Young Living products.

Do I receive the same products every month?

If you make no changes to your Essential Rewards Program, you will receive the same product order as the month prior.  Most of us jump in and out of our Essential Rewards Shopping cart throughout the month to edit and add products our families need.

You will get a reminder email a day or two before hand.

You can make changes to your Essential Rewards Program order via your Virtual Office right up until the day your order is scheduled to process. You are able to change your order until midnight of the same day your order is scheduled to process.  

If you are “computer shy” you can also call Young Living’s customer service department and they can help you make changes to your ER order.

What are Reward Points?

You earn reward points every time you place an Essential Rewards Program order. One reward point is redeemable for 1 PV of product. For the first three months, when you are enrolled and place your monthly Essential Rewards Program order, you earn 10% of the total PV of your monthly Essential Rewards Program order. For example, if your monthly order is 100 PV, you will earn 10 reward points each month for the first three months—a total of 30 points, which can be redeemed for 30 PV of product.

If you stay enrolled in Essential Rewards Program for longer than three months, you will then earn 20% of the total PV of your monthly Essential Rewards Program order from the fourth to twenty-fourth months of your Essential Rewards Program.

Finally, if you stay enrolled for 25 months or longer, you will earn a massive 25% of the total PV of your monthly Essential Rewards Program order from the 25th month onwards. 

Use these points as cash to redeem your favorite Young Living products.



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